The Stone of Destiny and the end of the New World Order

Recently, a man named Anthony John Hill was arrested and is now being corruptly and forcefully extradited to nazi-London where He will stand trial for the heinous crime of:  sending a DVD to a courthouse.  Yes... Really.

Think I'm kidding?  I wish; but the insanity doesn't stop there.

As with ALL governments, the British establishment has a long, extensive, and documented history of silencing and imprisoning people who had damaging information to the State's (evil) interests.  Mr. Hill is their next target because of what He knows and what He is telling people and how irrefutably damaging it is to the corruption at the top.  First they tried to stone-wall Him, and when people were too hungry for His knowledge, THEY (the slime in ALL high positions) decided it would be best to arrest Him in order to try and force His silence.  Obviously that didn't work, as His video, about what really happened with the London tube-train bombings, called "7/7 Ripple Effect", has had a huge upswing in interest.  If you have not seen it, you really need to, and like the good soul He is, John has had it put up on the internet for free-viewing and you can watch it here.

And that's just the very latest!

Please read the following very-well-hidden story/Truth that John has also dug up regarding the British monarch, headed by Elizabeth Mountbatten/Battenberg (also known by criminal aliases Windsor and QE2).  I'll spoil it for you.  She is NOT the real queen, and has been faking it for over 50 years, AND SHE KNOWS IT.

The Stone of Destiny and the end of the New World Order

(Also known as: The Lia Fail, Stone of Scone, Jacob's Pillar/Pillow, David's Throne, Bethel Stone, etc")



Few people outside of Britain and Ireland have ever heard of The Stone of Destiny let alone the amazing 4,000 year history behind it. Even smaller numbers have ever stumbled across the Truth of the real Stone's current state or location and why the covered-up facts and fake stones floating around are of such great importance in the now very near future. The ramifications of acting on this information could and will be astounding if people do so in mass..

Due to the fact that the full-length article on this topic is freely available for anyone that wants to get into the exacting details, this write-up will offer only a very brief summary of events. That said, this author very much advises anyone interested in this topic to visit the website where all the following is sourced from:

The Stone of Destiny:

The story begins in the land of Palestine at a place called Bethel with the Biblical patriarch Jacob (Genesis 28:11-22). The authentic Stone of Destiny is the stone/rock that Jacob used as a pillow when he dreamed of angels ascending and descending on a ladder between Heaven and Earth. When awaking from that dream, Jacob made a vow of allegiance to God and then took the stone he had used as a pillow and anointed it with oil as it would be from then on used as the throne that every subsequent God-sanctioned ruler of Israel would be crowned and sit upon. At that point it became the Throne of Israel, being kept and fiercely protected by all of Jacob's heirs for thousands of years to come.

Flashing forward about 1,100 years after Jacob originally had his dream in a cave near Bethel, the Stone had made its way through all of Israel's times of turmoil and Zedekiah was ruling upon it in Jerusalem. At that point, because of the obstinate ways of the Israelites and their refusal to keep The Covenant, God sent the Babylonian forces to attack and destroy the House of Judah (Israel) and leave all of Jerusalem in ruins. During this siege and conquering, Jeremiah the Bible Prophet hid The Stone, along with The Ark of The Covenant and other Israelite relics until it was safe to whisk them away to safety. With these treasures in possession, Jeremiah also brought with him Zedekiah's daughters, the youngest of which was Teia Tephi, who would be the continuation of the bloodline as God promised to king David centuries prior.

When escaping from Jerusalem, the royal party took The Stone and Ark and traveled to Tanis, Egypt where they stayed safely for a few years. Eventually, Jeremiah was warned by God that Tanis was no longer safe so he took Teia Tephi and the treasures towards Gibraltar, making brief stops along the way. After spending five months in Gibraltar, the group set off northward, stopping at Breogan in Spain and then eventually landing at Mara-Zion in Cornwall.

At that point, the ruler of Cornwall at the time was a man named Elatha who helped Jeremiah and Teia Tephi towards what would be their final destination -Ireland. Elatha sent messengers to the high king (Ard ri) of Ireland, notifying him of the situation and then a guard of 53 ships to ensure safe passage for Tephi and Jeremiah. Upon arrival, Tephi took The Stone with her to Tara where she and the high king, Eochaidh, gave their pledges of marriage over the Stone of Destiny, and Teia Tephi stood upon the Stone and was acknowledged queen of all Ireland.

Presently, in Ireland at the Hill of Tara, is one of the fake stones. It is an obscene phallic stone that foolish people have and are trying to pass off as the real Lia Fail (Gaelic for Stone of Destiny). Calling a phallic stone the Throne of Israel (and Christ) is like telling Christ to come and sit on a stone penis which has caused the Irish to be cursed by God for such an insult. However, that is only one of the fake "Lia Fail" stones presently in existence.

The real Lia Fail/Stone of Destiny stayed in Ireland at the Hill of Tara for over a thousand years after Teia Tephi brought it with her from Jerusalem in 583 B.C. and all the kings of Ireland were crowned on that real Stone, right up to Muircheartach (Murdoch) son of Earc.

In around 500 A.D. Fergus Mor Mac Earc, Muircheartach's brother successfully invaded western Scotland and wanted to be crowned king of the (Scots) Irish who had migrated to Scotland on the real Stone of Destiny and his brother Muircheartach loaned the real Stone to him for that occasion.

Fergus was crowned first king of the Scots in Scotland upon the real Lia Fail in a region called Argyll in the Kilmartin valley of Scotland. From him proceeded forty kings of Scotland. The twelfth king, Evenus built a town which he named after himself called Evonium, now called Dunstaffnage, to which the real Stone was removed and the remainder of the forty kings were all crowned in Dunstaffnage, reigned there, and are buried there.

Eventually, Edward the 1st of England (Edward "Longshanks" in the film Braveheart) invaded Scotland and removed the real Stone to England in 1296 A.D. where he brought it to Westminster Abbey in London and all the kings of England right up to and including George the 6th were crowned on that real Stone of Destiny/Lia Fail.

Some Scots have always maintained that a fake Stone was handed over to Edward "Longshanks" by the Abbot of Scone, as he must have known in advance that Edward's soldiers were coming to take the Stone from the Scots. To make that long story much shorter, the ancient writings depict the other stone in question as looking different in shape and colour. Also, the real Stone of Destiny's path to Scotland, and the history of the fake, or other coronation stone/throne known as the Scottish Regal Stone, do not match up, as they came at two different times, being brought by two different people by similar but nevertheless two different routes, which many historians have tried to lump together and which, like a square peg and a round hole, the facts of both do not fit together. This has caused great confusion for the average person looking into the topic because both are similar in content, although the fact remains that they are two totally separate stories about two separate stones that were simply used for the same purpose by two separate branches of the same people and historians have mistakenly tried to jumble up both into one story. The real stone was taken by Edward to Westminster Abbey.

At this point it would be prudent to introduce the Biblical prophecy, located in the book of Ezekiel, about the movement of the true Stone of Destiny:

21:26 Thus saith the Lord "I AM"; Remove the diadem (sovereignty), and take off the crown: this [shall] not [be] the same: exalt [him that is] low (Line of Zarah), and abase [him that is] high (Line of Pharez).
21:27 I will overturn (1), overturn (2), overturn (3), it: and it shall be no [more], [overturned] UNTIL he come whose Right it is; and (4) I will give it [him - Shiloh (see also Genesis 49 v 10)].

The first overturn of the Stone was from Jerusalem to Ireland. The second overturn was from Ireland to Scotland. The third overturn was from Scotland to England. The fourth overturn is as follows...

Early Christmas morning, 1950, a group of four student-aged Scottish nationals, removed the real Stone of Destiny/Lia Fail from Westminster Abbey and hurried it off to Scotland. The leader of the group, Ian Hamilton, states in his book, "The Taking of the Stone of Destiny", that king George 6th had a "fear that the loss portended the end of his dynasty", which of course it did. This removal of the authentic Stone of Destiny justly caused a big stir in England and the authorities immediately began searching for it.

In preparation for the Stone's removal from London, the group of Scots practiced using a fake sandstone replica made by stone mason and sculptor, Bertie Gray. Then, after successfully removing the real Stone of Destiny from Westminster Abbey, Bertie Gray helped Ian Hamilton and another friend of theirs to place the fake sandstone duplicate, wrapped in a Scottish flag, on the high altar at Arbroath Abbey on the 11th of April, 1951. They then notified the authorities that it could be found there, which they did the following day. The fake sandstone replica was then sent to London and Elizabeth 2 was later crowned upon it. Since Elizabeth 2 has never been crowned upon the real Stone of Destiny/Coronation Stone, she has never been and is not officially the queen of Britain (Israel) in the eyes of God.

When the fake stone was sent to London, George 6th must have seen it and known, as must his daughter Elizabeth, that the stone left at Arbroath Abbey was a fake, and Elizabeth must have known, from that, that she was cursed by God and never really crowned. As further proof that Elizabeth knows she is a fake, once her dad George 6th died, Elizabeth Mountbatten (also known by the criminal aliases Windsor and QE2) delayed her coronation whilst desperately seeking and hoping to find the genuine Coronation Stone, but, when it was not found and she had to hold a coronation ceremony, she flatly refused to have the ceremony televised because she was afraid that people would see the fake stone, recognize it as being such, and realize she was a pretender to the Throne. Due to popular-demand, Mrs. Mountbatten was forced to allow the ceremony to be televised, so she set a firm condition upon the BBC that there must be absolutely no close-up shots, and nothing shown at a closer distance than thirty feet, so that no-one would be able to see a close-up of the fake stone that she knew she was pretending to be crowned upon. She must also have known of the prophecies, as did her great, great grandmother Queen Victoria, who said that if Christ came to take the Throne, she would immediately step down and give the throne it to its rightful owner, and everyone of them knew it down to George 6th. It is unthinkable that George 6th would not also have taught this to his children, that Christ would come one day and rightfully claim the British Throne (Throne of David and Israel), in fulfillment of prophecy.

Elizabeth 2 who is descended from the royal line of David from the tribe of Judah was then crowned on the fake stone in 1953, so, as above, she has never been crowned queen of Britain in the eyes of God; as God Himself prevented her from being, by having the Stone taken from her in fulfillment of the first half of the prophecy in Genesis chapter 49:10. All that now remains to fulfill the second half of that prophecy is for Christ to come and take His Rightful place on God's Throne "“ Bethel "“ The Lia Fail "“ Stone of Destiny.

Elizabeth has absolutely no right to be the monarch, and she knew it to begin with and surely remains well aware of the situation-and it can be proven with the aforementioned indisputable and bulletproof evidence.

Hopefully everyone reading this article will realize how serious a matter this is as the fake British monarch is at the very top of the entire N.W.O. beast-system, according to ex-MI6 agent Dr. John Coleman in his book: "The Conspirators' Hierarchy", "The Committee of 300". Taking down "queen" Elizabeth and the whole house of Windsor would be a huge victory for the good guy and a giant start and step towards destroying the entire satanic New World Order.

All that presently needs doing is informing people of the situation and asking them to make a lot of noise about it. The NWO thugs made a gigantic mistake in letting this information get out, and if taken advantage of, the resulting waves that could be made across the entire world would be immense. This is big news that must go viral. Please do your part in passing it on to everyone you know.

Study the information yourself and pass it as far and wide as possible so that we can start taking down the New World Order and reverse all the immense damage and suffering that it has caused.

This article is a summary of the detailed report located at:

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