What can I do to help Muad'Dib?

ATTENTION SURVIVORS AND FAMILY MEMBERS OF THE DECEASED OF THE 7/7/2005 ATTACKS: Please contact Muad'Dib to help bring the real perpetrators to justice at the following address:

MOHAMMAD SIDIQUE KHAN'S WIDOW: Please, contact Muad'Dib. We can help.


We have been gaining ground and doing damage to the NWO. To help:

1. Spread the Word. If you have the facilities, please show your support by making copies of the "7/7 Ripple Effect" and hand them out to all of your friends and loved ones so that everyone knows what REALLY happened that day. The more people that know the truth, the less chance that the real perpetrators of the 7/7 London bombings can get away with this again.

2. Donate. For those who recognize the injustice that is taking place and wish to help Muad'Dib fight against NWO, please also show your support by sending cash donations to:



JAH, JAH Publications,

P. O. Box 561,

The Way Home - PMB 205,

Gibraltar, (Via London)