Chronology of events relating to Muad’Dib’s arrest and trial.

The film “7/7 Ripple Effect” is finished and publicly released electronically on the Internet on the 5th November 2007 (Guy Fawke’s Day – Divine Timing), and goes viral, sending ripples and waking up sleepers across Britain and around the world, as intended.

Muad’Dib also sends out physical DVD copies during May/June 2008, when the first trial of the three men is taking place at Kingston, because He believes those men to be innocent and cannot stand by and do nothing and allow innocent men to spend years in prison for something they did not do. Later, on 1st August 2008, it is reported that the jury in this trial cannot arrive at a verdict after three weeks of consideration, and the judge dismisses them. Perhaps “7/7 Ripple Effect” has something to do with THIS; as you might glean from reading on; ensuring the accused are not wrongfully found guilty and sentenced, yet.

On 19th August 2008, a BBC Conspiracy Files film crew which is preparing a hit-piece on 7/7 Truth, tracks down Muad’Dib’s residence and ambushes Him, cameras rolling, attempting to get Him to reply to evil loaded questions. Muad’Dib doesn’t speak a word to them and walks past them. This takes place AFTER email exchanges between BBC representatives and Muad’Dib, initiated by the BBC, where Muad’Dib states His conditions in order to agree to take part in their programme about His film, which they refused to agree to.

As a direct result of Muad’Dib’s non-compliance with the government propaganda organ called the BBC, in aiding them to produce a hit-piece to smear 7/7 Truth and undo the ripples caused by the film, the authorities are forced to resort to their plan B: His arrest, and (as of now) attempted extradition to face trial in England. Please bear in mind the DVD’s are sent in May/June, and they wait till AFTER the BBC’s failed attempts in August to trump up the charge of “attempting to pervert the course of justice”. Also bear in mind that the film "7/7 Ripple Effect" has already been publicly available for at least six months before Muad’Dib mails copies to the judge and jury.

A European arrest warrant requested by the British authorities is issued on the 17th January 2009, TWO DAYS before the re-trial of the three accused begins at Kingston, on 19th January 2009.

Then, on Tuesday 10th February 2009, Muad’Dib’s home is invaded by policy enforcers known as gardai, who broke the peace instead of keeping it. He is arrested and computers, printer, DVD-burner and also documents forming part of His Defence are stolen and remain so to this day. Not even a search warrant is produced. He is treated like a terrorist criminal. His home looked like it had been burgled when the gardai had finished turning it over, which is, in reality, what they did - burgle it.

On the same day, He is taken before a judge in a Dublin court, who orders His remand in custody for 8 days until the next hearing.

On Wednesday 18th February, the judge sets bail conditions and adjourns till Wednesday 4th March 2009. The conditions are:-

1. Surrender of passport.

2. Shall not communicate with any party in England or Wales save for wholly personal reasons or save for reasons wholly connected with the church and organisation known as The Way. (Effectively forbidding Him from discussing 7/7 with anyone in England and Wales, and a clear indication that they are attempting to keep His trial secret in those countries.)

3. Has to sign at Garda station every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 8am and 8pm.


And the ransom money to be paid is the hefty sum of 3500 Euros.


On the evening of Thursday 19th February 2009, Muad’Dib is ransomed following a successful Bail Appeal for donations and freed, after spending nearly 10 whole days in prison.

That same day it is reported in the English press that some pupils in English schools are being encouraged to imagine they are the “suicide bombers” plotting the July 7 attacks. The real motive for this, being, to completely side-step the issue of whether the four men were actually guilty in the first place, so as; through role-playing in classrooms; to re-inforce in children’s minds the false belief that there is no doubt that they were (guilty), and that films like “7/7 Ripple Effect” are wrong.

According to reports, this “teaching pack” is then withdrawn after complaints, when it becomes public knowledge.

Muad’Dib attends another hearing on Wednesday 4th March 2009, where the judge quickly adjourns until the same time the following week. They need to prepare an affidavit and submit it before next week, to then see if everyone is ready for the real hearing.

On the hearing of Wednesday 11th March 2009, the proper hearing has now been set for Thursday 19th March 2009 at 2:00 PM, at the Four Courts building in Dublin, probably in Court 11 (will confirm in which just prior to the hearing).

At the Thursday 19th March 2009 hearing, the judge said he would take 2 weeks to consider the verdict which will be delivered on Thursday 2nd April 2009.

On the 2nd April 2009, at 11:00 AM in Court 11 of the Four Courts building in Dublin, the judge Mr Peart breaks his word by not watching 7/7 Ripple Effect before issuing a verdict, as he said he would do; but that doesn't stop him from issuing the verdict anyway and ordering Muad'Dib's surrender to the British "authorities" in 15 days time. And he does not have an excuse since envelopes containing DVD's of 7/7 Ripple Effect were mailed to him from all around the world (which he stated he did not open. Why not Mr Peart? Didn't you say you wanted to watch it?). Mr Peart also does not allow Muad'Dib to speak during the trial. It is reported by some who attend court, that Mr Peart acts like a different person from 2 weeks earlier, as if he has been "gotten to". In view of his actions, this would seem a strong possibility.

The crimes committed against Muad'Dib by the Irish and English "authorities of INjustice" now include:-

1. Handing mail to people it was not addressed to (to the policy enforcers).

2. Burgling Muad'Dib's home.

3. Stealing Muad'Dib's computers.

4. Stealing Muad'Dib's printer.

5. Stealing Muad'Dib's DVD-burner.

6. Stealing several documents belonging to Muad'Dib, including those forming part of His legal Defence.

7. Kidnapping Muad'Dib, and putting Him in prison for nearly 10 days.

8. Exacting a ransom of 3500 Euros in order to let Muad'Dib go.

9. The judge taking away Muad'Dib's right to freedom of speech by not allowing Him to discuss anything other than personal matters with people in England and Wales as part of the ransom conditions, preventing Him from discussing 7/7 with people in those countries.

10. The judge breaking his word and not watching the film at the centre of this dispute, before issuing the verdict.

11. The judge once again taking away Muad'Dib's right to freedom of speech, by not allowing Him to speak in the trial.

12. Re-incarcerating Muad'Dib on the 2nd April 2009, where He spent a further 23 days.

Talk about "perverting the course of justice"! What was Muad'Dib's "crime" again? - Sending a free DVD with the TRUTH to a courthouse of so-called "justice"! Only the BLIND cannot see reality - that Muad'Dib committed no REAL "crime" but has had PLENTY REAL crimes committed against Himself.

On 8th April 2009, an appeal was lodged with the Supreme Court in Dublin, and accepted.

The court now awaits proper filing of documents by the solicitor. After that, a certificate of readiness will be released by the court with information regarding a hearing date.

The current average wait time for a Supreme Court hearing date is 27 to 30 months. However, the solicitor may submit a request for priority consideration, after the certificate of readiness is released.

In a hearing on Wednesday 22nd April 2009, the judge has set another hearing for Friday 24th April 2009 at 2:00 PM in the Four Courts building, Dublin.

The prosecution do not want the judge to allow bail for Muad'Dib, even though He has behaved impeccably in His eleven years living in Ireland. He also did not break bail the first time around, recently, and went to sign every time He was expected to, at the Gardai station.

So what the prosecution is doing really is unjustifiable. Could there be a lot of pressure being brought to bear on them from "spiritual wickedness in high places"?

After judge Peart having decided on Friday the 24th April 2009 that Muad'Dib could be bailed/ransomed, He was ransomed the next day on Saturday the 25th, having spent 23 days in prison, at an estimated cost of €5300 for the taxpayer.

The bail conditions are the same before except that they wanted more money. They are now holding €6000.

He is well and in good spirit and has been out on bail for over a year, awaiting a date for the Irish Supreme Court to hear His appeal against the extradition for sending a DVD containing the truth. That date has now been set for the 11th November 2010.

The three on trial are from Leeds in Yorkshire and their alleged offence was in London, so why aren't they being tried in Leeds or London? Why a sleepy, quiet, predominantly white suburb like Kingston? Doing their dirty deeds away in the dark, away from view, to keep it as quiet as possible?

T.H.E.Y.* are determined to convict these three innocent men to, by extension, CON-vince the British people that the original four were guilty also. And undo the effect of Muad’Dib’s ripples.

* The Hierarchy Enslaving You.

They will probably try the same with Him and His trial in England, if He is extradited. And if we allow them to get away with it.

To this day, no English newspaper has reported on Muad’Dib’s arrest and extradition trial. The authorities do not want the jury in the re-trial of the three innocent men at Kingston to know about Him and “7/7 Ripple Effect”, to try and make sure they find the accused guilty this time around, instead of unable to agree on a verdict, or, even better for TRUE JUSTICE: find the innocent men not guilty.

On Tuesday 28th April 2009, the Kingston re-trial jury unanimously REFUSED to convict Waheed Ali, Mohammed Shakil and Sadeer Saleem, of helping to plot the 7/7 attacks, finding them not guilty. They have spent over two years in prison. Muad’Dib sent the 7/7 Ripple Effect DVD’s to the judge, laywers and jury (whom the judge had misled) of the first trial at Kingston, because they should never have been accused in the first place and had no case to answer. They should never have spent all that time in prison.

However, the following day, on Wednesday 29th April 2009, Waheed Ali and Mohammed Shakil were unjustly sentenced to seven years, for “planning to attend a terror training camp in Pakistan”. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. Looking at the atrocious acts of mass terrorism committed by the United States and Britain over the years, together murdering over a million people, it is difficult to see how armed forces from other nations who have spent time training in the USA or Britain, should not logically be accused of the same thing.

On the 11th November 2010 the judges ruled in favour of Muad'Dib's extradition, completely ignoring the majority of the Submissions He had written, and completely misrepresented or disregarded some of those they did address in their verdict. Instead of admitting the many instances where the judge in the previous trial had acted unlawfully, they took after his example and added their crimes to his. The film in question, 7/7 Ripple Effect, was not watched by these judges either. The Irish judicial (so-called) system has sold out to the U.K. Muad'Dib was taken to the gardai station and will then be transferred to prison awaiting the extradition.

On 29th November 2010, there was a bail hearing at court for Muad'Dib. However, the Wandsworth prison staff failed to bring Him to court, claiming a computer record mix-up which led them to believe He was already out on bail instead of still in their prison.

On 16th December 2010, at the next bail hearing, with Muad'Dib present this time, the judge denied Muad'Dib bail on ludicrous grounds that He might send DVDs to the 7/7 Inquest. Had He intended to do so, He could have done so when He was still a free man in Ireland, as the Inquest began an exact MONTH (the 11th October 2010) before His Supreme Court trial there (the 11th November 2010), where the judges ruled in favour of His extradition. And in any case, an inquest is supposed to take a look at all the available evidence, so what possible good reason could the judge have for wanting to prevent any possible evidence being sent to it? Obviously they want to silence Him and prevent Him from being able to prepare His defence thoroughly. Muad'Dib remains at Wandsworth with a preliminary date of the 18th January 2011 set for the next court hearing.

On 9th March 2011, Muad'Dib has been released on bail. Eventually, those hoping to silence Muad’Dib could not hold Him in prison any longer without looking totally malicious and ridiculous. So the State prosecution had to switch tactics, and end their fighting of a perfectly legitimate bail application, instead arguing for the most restrictive release possible so they could keep the closest watch possible on Muad’Dib whilst He was out on bail again.

The trial is set for May 9th, 2011.

On 12th May 2011 Muad'Dib was found not guilty of attempting to pervert the course of justice at Southwark Crown Court