Reasons why the “Elite” fear Muad’Dib, other than 7/7 Truth.


  1. On 13/June/1988, in fulfillment of prophecy, Muad’Dib served a High Court Writ upon the British Parliament, at court in the City of Sheffield, demanding that He be allowed to immediately repeal all man-made “laws” which are all illegal according to God’s Law, and which enable the rich to “legally” steal from everyone else. He would also re-institute the "Year of Release", which is the forgiveness of debt every seven years, and the REAL "Jubilee" and begin to redistribute their share of the wealth that has been stolen from them back to the poor, and ban usury. The ban on private gun ownership would be repealed and all would have exactly the same powers to arrest persons committing real crimes.


  1. T.H.E.Y.* KNOW Who He REALLY is.


  2. Muad’Dib has proven that the Stone of Destiny (a.k.a. The Coronation Stone & Stone of Scone & Jacob’s Pillar) was never returned by the Scots after four of them removed it from Westminster Abbey on “Christmas Day” 1950, also in fulfillment of prophecy. The stone handed to the authorities in 1951 was a fake and Elizabeth II was aware of this when she perpetrated a fraud upon the British people, by having herself crowned upon this fake stone. There were no specific camera shots of this stone, and she demanded no shots closer than 30 feet, so people couldn’t see that it wasn’t the real Stone. This means that she is not the rightful monarch of Britain, and moreover, has broken the Coronation Oath she took, in which she vowed to uphold God’s Law, which prohibits the monarch (or anyone else) from making up new “laws”, or taking away from God’s Law. The real Stone will eventually re-surface so that the Rightful King can be crowned upon It. Bertie Gray, the stonemason who made two copies of the Stone, confessed on his death-bed that they had not returned the real Stone. Bertie’s children confirmed this in 2008.

  4. Muad’Dib has located the exact spot marking the entrance to the chamber which is the resting place of the Ark of the Covenant, at the Hill of Tara in Ireland. For over 10 years He has been campaigning to be allowed to dig down some metres in a space not more than 2m x 2m. Obviously, this, and He, have been a thorn in the side of the Irish authorities, who do not want to permit the Ark to be recovered because it doesn’t form part of the N.W.O.’s plans. Quite the opposite, It is a tool which will help to defeat them. This could also explain the seeming eagerness of the Irish authorities to comply with the false British charge and extradition request against Muad’Dib, because He was not going away until He had recovered the Ark, also in fulfillment of prophecy.



The real power behind the N.W.O. is not any human, but Satan, and the N.W.O. is his evil mimic of God’s Kingdom on Earth. All attempts to thwart or defeat Satan’s N.W.O. are doomed to fail, UNLESS they are GOD’S WAY of doing it. The ONLY Person on Earth who knows Father’s Will and is actively living It, is Muad’Dib. Your only chance of survival is through helping Him, to prove, without a shadow of a doubt, whose side you are on. As these End-times get progressively worse, in fulfillment of the Warnings delivered to mankind through God’s Prophets, the Truth of this will become clearer and clearer, even to those who are still sleeping in the dust of the earth (inside Adams and Eves) and have not awakened spiritually.

“We Fremen have a saying – God created Arrakis (the Earth) to train the Faithful. One cannot go against the Word of God (and live)” – DUNE.

An epic story is being written in the Book of Life. HIS (God’s) Story (History). You who are reading this MUST choose who you will be in the story. The sleeper MUST awaken. There is no room in the Book of Life for fence-sitters.


* The Hierarchy Enslaving You


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