Trying to deliver 9-11 Ripple Effect and 7/7 Ripple Effect to the Dáil (Parliament) in Ireland.

This video needs to go viral and by emulated in the USA and UK and everywhere. - 7/7 Ripple Effect Interview

In this 80 minute interview Richard asks what the key pieces of evidence are which suggest a false flag attack and also gains knowledge about Muad'Dibs situation. Muad'Dibs arrest and extradition request makes this country appear like a European police state rather than a country which is based on justice. I (Richard D. Hall) have never known such a trumped up pathetic charge for an arrest, of somebody that was simply trying to PREVENT a miscarriage of justice.

Muad’Dib has been falsely and hypocritically accused of “attempting to pervert the course of justice”, when the film; and the act of sending copies of it to those in charge of delivering a verdict; are all about STRAIGHTENING the course of justice, which the U.K. authorities are perverting. Sending proof of someone's innocence should NEVER be a crime.



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Wonderland Of A Real Court Trial

By Gabriel O’Hara
Wise Up Journal

The following reminiscence was written from my notes of last year’s trial against John Anthony Hill, the DVD mailer, which I attended. It shows the reality of court, which is nothing like the logical Hollywood or TV fiction courtroom dramas the public are given to watch.

To sum up quickly what John did: He posted a DVD documentary to a UK court. A documentary that was already widely available in the public domain on youtube and google videos. Almost the entire documentary is from the BBC, ITV, New York Times and other mainstream news. The UK trial involved four Muslim men who were accused of terrorism (who were found innocent after John’s trial). The documentary mentions four other men and not the men on trial in the Britain. The British government obtained a European Arrest warrant for John’s extradition to the UK to face a new trial and face a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. John originally helped produce the documentary that shows British government officials making major and embarrassing contradictions.

I never expected it to be anything like how it was. At times it was similar to being in a court with Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver describing his travels. At the first moment of the trial I saw that the defending barrister had his black robe hanging down around his elbows that was perfectly upright before the start. I had a strong urge to pull it back up like helping a disorderly four-year-old child with his coat. It remained dangling around his elbows for the entire hearing, for over one hour.

Every time the defending barrister stood up he was hunched over and limp. When it was the prosecuting barrister’s round to argue he stood up straight, firm and confident but I could not believe he actually said the things he did. One of his arguments brought up the fact that John used a pen name in his documentary and he cynically added that everyone has freedom of expression… but why was it done anonymously? Aha! I did not know whether he was trying to prosecute John or the literary establishment, George Orwell aka Eric Blair, and most journalists who use a pen name. This imaginary dark cloud that now hung over John was not challenged by the Judge or by the defence. It was not difficult to sense we were no longer in the realm of critical thinking. From my memories of wasting time with online forums I thought these guys would not last four minutes before they were laughed out of any online forum with their cloaks between their legs. However, I thought, they do not seem like the type that embarrass easily; after all they do wear dresses and wigs.

What Happened at Canary Wharf on 7th July 2005

Who Did London 7/7 - The Hard Proof

This is a dissemination of an extremely interesting article found at  by an unnamed author, but who I believe is Robert John Aumann of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Centre for Rationality.

 One of the points that doesn’t do more than poke its nose out, is the animosity held by the writer towards the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, possibly due to Sharon’s moves to withdraw Israeli settlers from within Gaza, a point that Benjamin Netanyahu also vigorously opposed.

 After the London bombing, Benjamin Netanyahu returned to Israel and on the 7th August 2005, 33 days after the London bombing, Netanyahu resigned as the Finance Minister under Ariel Sharon, but immediately took steps to displace Sharon as Prime Minister, beginning with his attempt to gain leadership of the Likud party, which would have removed Sharon from the position of Prime Minister.

 However, for Benjamin Netanyahu to continue his political career, he had to overcome the major gaffe he made in London on the 7th July, 2005 when he stated that he had been ‘warned’ in regard to the London bombing.

 Andrew S. MacGregor 


Luton CCTV Analysis

Muad'Dib interviewed by Jim Fetzer on 17.07.09



Part 1:

(JIM): This is Jim Fetzer, your host on “The Real Deal”, with my very special guest today, Muad’Dib, who has produced the video; sensational DVD may I say; “7/7 Ripple Effect”, about the attacks on the British subway-system and a double-decker bus on 7 July 2005. Muad’Dib, it’s a real pleasure to have you back on the show.

(MUAD’DIB): Thank-you. It’s good to be back with you again.

(JIM): Now, our last interview was divided into segments and is posted on YouTube. So anyone who would like to listen to our previous conversation, which was a two-hour interview, can find it there. And your video, your DVD, is available also on YouTube or Google Video - “7/7 Ripple Effect”. I must say, in my opinion this is a Masterpiece. In less than an hour, you explain how this whole event was planned, how it was staged, what went wrong, how the authorities sought to cover it up and the failure of the press to cover it adequately. I think it is as marvellous a microcosm for understanding the nature of inside-jobs as anyone has ever produced, so I must congratulate you and tell you how much I admire your work.

(MUAD’DIB): Thank you very much.

Muad'Dib interviewed by Jim Fetzer on 24.06.09




Part 1:

Jim: This is Jim Fetzer, your host on The Real Deal, with my very special guest today, Muad’Dib who produced a DVD entitled “7/7 Ripple Effect”, and I say to every one of you, as you are listening to the words we exchange, go to Google Videos, enter “7/7 Ripple Effect” and download this video to your computer. It is perhaps the most brilliant example of documentary film-making, I have ever viewed in my life. It gives us a microcosm of exactly how false flag attacks are planned and executed. Once you have studied this video, which runs less than one hour in time, you will understand how it’s done and have a template… a pattern… a plan, for how 9/11 was executed too.  “7/7 Ripple Effect”. It concerns the false flag attack that occurred in London, involving explosions at three tube stops and on a bus on the 7th of July 2005. It is my honour, to have with me today, Muad’Dib who created this Masterpiece. Muad, it’s a great pleasure.

Muad’Dib: Thank-you. It’s good to be with you.

Jim: I’m absolutely fascinated by this and I must begin of course by commenting on your Name. You… when we spoke prior to the show you explained to me that it is Arabic, for Teacher Of Righteousness… and that it’s derived from the film Dune, which I’ve heard of, but not yet seen, so I expect that that’s something else that my listeners are going to want to do, namely, view the movie, Dune. D-U-N-E.

Muad’Dib: Yes, it was made in 1984 - the film Dune - and it stars Kyle MacLachlan, and Sting the rock musician, Jürgen Prochnow, and quite a few other well known names. And it’s a very good film. And the lead…

Jim: (crosstalk) Yes, go ahead…

Muad’Dib: …the lead character, in it, is called Muad’Dib.

Jim: Muad’Dib. I love it. (chuckles)  Tell me, how did you come to make this Masterpiece?

Muad’Dib: I suppose it started really with 9/11… I saw the buildings come down on the TV, as most people did, and I think we’ve got plenty of time so I’ll tell you where I was. I think everybody knows where they were when they first heard about that. It’s a bit like everybody knows where they were when they heard John Kennedy had been killed.

Muad'Dib on Kevin Barrett's Truth Jihad on 20.06.09

Muad'dib was on American Freedom Radio (Truth Jihad with Kevin Barrett ) on Saturday, June 20th 2009.




Kingston re-trial outcome

On Tuesday 28th April 2009, the Kingston re-trial jury unanimously REFUSED to convict Waheed Ali, Mohammed Shakil and Sadeer Saleem, of helping to plot the 7/7 attacks, finding them not guilty. They have spent over two years in prison. Muad’Dib sent the 7/7 Ripple Effect DVD’s to the judge, laywers and jury (whom the judge had misled) of the first trial at Kingston, because they should never have been accused in the first place and had no case to answer. They should never have spent all that time in prison.

25.04.09 Muad'Dib ransomed (again)

After judge Peart having decided on Friday the 24th April 2009 that Muad'Dib could be bailed/ransomed, He was ransomed the next day on Saturday the 25th, having spent 23 days in prison, at an estimated cost of €5300 for the taxpayer.

The bail conditions are the same as before except that they wanted more money. They are now holding €6000.

22.04.09 Hearing

In a hearing on Wednesday 22nd April 2009, the judge has set another hearing for Friday 24th April 2009 at 2:00 PM in the Four Courts building, Dublin.

The prosecution do not want the judge to allow bail for Muad'Dib, even though He has behaved impeccably in His eleven years living in Ireland. He also did not break bail the first time around, recently, and went to sign every time He was expected to, at the Gardai station.

So what the prosecution is doing really is unjustifiable. Could there be a lot of pressure being brought to bear on them from "spiritual wickedness in high places"?

The Stone of Destiny and the end of the New World Order

Recently, a man named Anthony John Hill was arrested and is now being corruptly and forcefully extradited to nazi-London where He will stand trial for the heinous crime of:  sending a DVD to a courthouse.  Yes... Really.

Think I'm kidding?  I wish; but the insanity doesn't stop there.

Extradition judgement of the information mailer

Wise Up Journal
By Gabriel O’Hara

Would the world be a safer place if people who mail public information are behind bars?

Today at the four courts in Dublin, 11am - court 11, the Judge ruled on whether or not to extradite John Anthony Hill to the UK. John mailed a publicly available DVD, with no letter attached, to a court in the UK during a trial of three men. The DVD had nothing to do with those three men, it containes information from the BBC, ITV, the New York Times and other such established main stream news entities about four different men. During John’s trial in Ireland, March 19th, the judge said in his closing statement that he would watch the DVD before making a decision. Today we found out that the judge failed to uphold that promise/commitment made in court when he told the court he had not looked at that evidence. The Judge ruled against John, 60 years old, who was then put in to handcuffs and lead away by the police to a prison. The Judge said a number of people from all over the world mailed him envelopes with DVDs, he also said he did not open the envelopes.

02.04.09 Verdict

The verdict today by Mr. Peart was as follows: Ordered surrender to the U.K.(extradited), and committed to prison for a minimum of 15 days in Ireland prior to extradition. An appeal may be made to the Supreme Court in Ireland within the next 15 days. The appeal may include a bail request, and delay the extradition, pending a decision by the Supreme Court (in Ireland). At this time, due to the order as stated, Muad'Dib was arrested (remanded) in court today after the verdict, and was taken to the prison again.

Wise Up Journal: Outcome of the first unusual DVD court case

Wise Up Journal
By Gabriel O’Hara

19.03.09 Update

The judge is taking 2 weeks to consider his verdict, which should be given at 11am on Thursday April 2nd.

Please consider sending a copy of the 7/7 Ripple Effect DVD specifically to the following judge, asap, so that during the next two weeks the judge is made to realize that there are eyes all over the world watching his decision, so he better make a reasonable one.

Mr "justice" Michael Peart
c/o The High Court 11
Four Courts
Inns Quay
Dublin 7

In reference to the arrest of Anthony John Hill

Wise Up Journal: Message from Mr. Hill arrested for mailing a DVD

By Gabriel O’Hara

Wise Up Journal

We met with John Anthony Hill who got arrested for mailing a DVD (with no letter attached) to a UK court from Ireland (reported by the Irish Times). John is also the producer and narrator of this DVD. Mr Hill, 60 years old, showed us his arrest warrant and gave us permission to pass on information contained in it. The maximum sentence on the warrant is Life Imprisonment in England. John had his computer and other property seized which is why he requested other people to help him as he is not able to defend him self properly as a result. The phony charge is possibly fabricating evidence that might cause injustice and this is from the same country that helped put people in Guantanamo and other torture facilities world-wide. The DVD only contains main stream media news (BBC, ITV, New York Times etc) and the small remainder is his political opinion which as of yet no one is legally supposed to be extradited for, within the EU. The DVDs were also never given to the Judge or Foreman of the trail which is to do with 3 men never mentioned in the DVD. Regardless if you agree or disagree with the contents of this documentary anyone who values freedom would see there is an injustice being carried out here.

John’s court case is on this Thursday at the four courts in Dublin. Having a gathering outside would not change anything inside the court but it might get the media to shine more light on this injustice. John is asking anyone who is not working that day (this Thursday the 19th) to come along at 1:30pm, and any who can take a half day. I’m not sure if handing out his DVD or flyers with information contained in the DVD on the street would be WELCOMED by the court, but it is not yet illegal to hand out free materials on the public streets of Dublin that does not promote a commercial event. Anyone who has the technical abilities to make copies or photocopy information and is able to come along might want to think of doing so. The documentary is available free on the Google videos and Youtube, 7/7 Ripple Effect. Perhaps spread this on forums and contact the media if you think it is a good idea or better yet come up with your own peaceful ideas.

I’m sure you would want support too if injustice was being carried out against you, but you should only help because you want to.


Irish Times: Irish Man, Aged 60, Arrested for Posting a London 7/7 DVD to a Judge

11.03.09 Update

On the hearing of Wednesday 11th March 2009, the proper hearing has now been set for Thursday 19th March 2009 at 2:00 PM, at the Four Courts building in Dublin, probably in Court 11 (will confirm in which just prior to the hearing).

What can I do to help Muad'Dib?

ATTENTION SURVIVORS AND FAMILY MEMBERS OF THE DECEASED OF THE 7/7/2005 ATTACKS: Please contact Muad'Dib to help bring the real perpetrators to justice at the following address:

MOHAMMAD SIDIQUE KHAN'S WIDOW: Please, contact Muad'Dib. We can help.


We have been gaining ground and doing damage to the NWO. To help:

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