Mass Solitary Demonstrations Of Solidarity - For Muad'Dib - The One Who Is Standing-Up For Us All.

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Individual demonstrations are to be held on Thursday the 16th. and Saturday the 18th. of December, at local Train Stations or any other high traffic areas you can think of.

One person quietly handing out say a thousand flyer's and DVDs in support of Muad'Dib stands more chance of being able to carry that out to the point of having nothing left to hand out than a loud but small group (who would in no time be moved on or arrested by establishment storm-troupers).

Get your DVD burners and printers fired-up and get stocked-up with DVDs and fliers for the days and help let everyone know about Muad'Dib; his film and his fight against those who wish to silence him for speaking the Truth.

Please note: These are NOT "protests" (which is a legal keyword describing an act that requires permits and such). If questioned (although the beauty of one-person actions is they shouldn't get bothered), it is just a sovereign human+being expressing their right to form personal opinions and share those opinions with others, and that you are absolutely not required to give police your ID for doing such a thing."




Posting DVDs now an act of “Terrorism”?


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