Ripple Effect Story Remains Intact

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Dear Muad'Dib,

I've been going to the 7/7 Inquest. It seems to me that corroboration of the basic Ripple thesis is taking place! Here is something I have written....

(might want to put it on your website?)

yours truly, Nicholas


Ripple Effect Story Remains Intact

by Nicholas Kollerstrom

I've been rather sceptical over whether the Four really were in London that morning. But, on the afternoon of Thursday 13th October, all of the CCTV showing Hasib Hussein at King's Cross was shown at the Inquest. There was a lot. Its clear that he was really there - I was convinced at last. From 8.55 to 9.22 he was shown pottering about with his big rucksack.

I suggest this makes it unlikely that the Four had caught the 07.25 train from Luton, arriving at 8.23 - in that case he would have appeared on film a lot earlier. No, Let's say they got the 7.42 (actually the delayed 7.30) which arrived in King's Cross 8.39 - that would fit better with his appearance on the CCTV at 8.55 in the main King's Cross station area.

It gets better. On the day before the Wednesday the Met at last released their non-pixellated images of entry into Luton station, so the times could be read. On the earlier visit of 28 June, (three of them - no Hasib Hussein) it took five minutes from the car-park door of Luton through the station and down onto the platform - which seems about right:

28/6 08.10.07 Enter Luton, 08.14.26 Go through barriers, 08.15.07 Enter platform

Various people have tried doing this, and generally reached a similar estimate. Now, on the moring of 7/7, we are given:

7/7 07.21.54 Enter Luton, 07.22.29 Ticket hall, 07.22.43 Go through barriers, 07.23.27 On platform, 07.24.47 Train arrives, 07.24.56 Board, 07.25.36 Train leaves

7.22 they enter, and a minute and a half later they are on the platform. No way!

They cannot take only half the time carrying big, deadly rucksacks. Don't forget, for a whole year all the media and the Met were singing from the same hymn-sheet, all saying that they had gotten onto the 7.40. Don't forget, even Andy Hayman's 2009 book on the whole subject had still said they got the 7.40 - this would be unthinkable if they really had had all of the CCTV they are now pretending to have, showing the Four caught the 7.25. (Credit to Bridget Dunne for this vitally important insight)

Plus, they are now pretending to have witnesses on the 7.25 train who noticed them - just as in the 2006 Official Report they had witnesses on the 7.40 train who recognised them. It's baloney.

I suggest we are obliged to conclude, that if they really did enter Luton station at 7.22, as the famous (fiddled-with) picture shows, then they had absolutely no intention of catching the 7.24.

So, this takes us right into the Ripple Effect story, whereby the Four 'missed their train' or at any rate more or less caught the 7.40 they had intended to catch (the 7.42, arriving 8.39), and arrived too late to participate in the terror-drill that morning - which was what they came for.

That I suggest is the only story now left standing.




From: "Muad'Dib" <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, October 16, 2010 1:07 pm
To: "Nicholas Kollerstrom" <[email protected]>


Dear Nicholas,

Bless you!

I hope this finds you well, in good spirit and having a god day.

Thank you very much for your message, commitment to truth, dedication and perseverance.

I'm as certain as I can be, without having been involved in the planning, that what I put in 7/7 Riple Effect is exactly what happened and that is why they had to react to it and couldn't just ignore it like they normally do.

I have them bang to rights and THEY know it, which is why THEY are attacking me to try to make an example of me to shut others up, as they KNOW they can't shut me up.

I will most certainly send it to "Friends of Muad'Dib" for them to put it up there. Please keep up the good work. We will win in the end as long as we stick at it and together.

I hope you have a good and well-deserved weekend.

Long live the Fighters (for God/good),



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