Forum suspension & comment moderation

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Dear All,

We regret to inform everyone that the message-board service has been suspended until further notice. This is due to people using the forum in non-constructive ways it was never meant to be used for. The motivations of the people who were doing this probably varies, but the goal of this website is to keep people up to date on Muad'Dib's present situation, and to spread verifiable and proven Truth, as it presents itself to us. This website was not setup to cause division and confusion, which is what happened within the forums, and so appropriate actions have been taken to disallow this. For the same reason, commenting on articles is now being moderated (not edited) prior to publishing, and comments which contain any off-topic content will not be published.

Unfortunately, the sad situation that we must deal with in this time and age, is that there are many people working against the quest for Truth and Justice, and some of those people decided to take to the forum of this website and misuse it. Therefore, the forum is now closed in hopes of maintaining this website as a place people find only trustworthy and reliable facts.

Anyone wishing to better understand the information provided on this website; or those genuinely wanting to offer their assistance in whatever ways they are capable of; please do write our main contact address and we will respond as prudently as possible: [email protected].

Thank-you and God bless.

-Friends of Muad'Dib