11.02.11 Muad'Dib's Latest Bail Hearing

The State failed to bring Muad'Dib to court again today, even after the judge last week ordered Him to be brought.
The judge said that he would not grant bail to Muad'Dib without Him being in court.  Things were quickly adjourned, indefinitely at this point.
Are we really to believe that "her majesty's" prisons don't obey the orders of "her majesty's" courts and that her judges are powerless to enforce their own orders?    
THEY* are fighting to keep Muad'Dib in prison, claiming it is to make sure He is in court for trial, when THEY themselves now have a 33% success-rate in having Him in court, whereas He maintained a 100% perfect attendance and signing-on record when on bail for nearly two years, in Ireland.
It's not only desperate on the part of the British authorities, but further proof of the corruption, which goes all the way to the top.
* THEY = The Hierarchy Enslaving You.
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