Day 1 of Trial -- Riding Roughshod Over The Truth

May 9th, 2011 -- London, England


Today was the first day of Muad'Dib's trial.

At this point, we will refrain from "naming names" of the various people working on behalf of the State, as there is still time for at least some of them to do the right thing, but when the trial concludes, it can be expected that a full and detailed account will be laid bare for the public.

As He warned people could happen during the recent radio interviews, the judiciary rode roughshod over as much of Muad'Dib's challenge as they could possibly get away with.

The very simplest account of today's events is that one judge (very corrupt), behind closed doors, approximately a month ago, ruled that the witness subpoenas Muad'Dib sought were not relevant to His case.  This is of course a far-fetched lie, as the subpoenas being applied for were to get a material eye-witness and hard evidence, both the cornerstones of his defense, brought to court.  Not only were these subpoena applications denied for clearly biased/corrupt reasons, but then the paperwork stating that the applications had been denied were "mistakenly" mailed to the wrong address, meaning that Muad'Dib never got them until actually traveling to the court.

Today, a separate judge was allocated for Muad'Dib's trial, and that judge refused to hear the evidence of why the witness summonses were required, stating that if another judge denied them, then they were denied.  This man had an open opportunity to act impartially, and upstandingly, but unfortunately (for him and everyone else) chose not to.

Due to the nature of Muad'Dib's challenege, no judge in the Commonwealth can impartially rule on it.  For this reason, Muad'Dib explained that it is essential for a jury to hear and decide upon the challenge.  The judge rejected that and ruled on a matter he was directly involved in, which is contrary to all practice of law.  It is a legal maxim that no man can judge in his own cause, but the judge today still forged ahead, meaning that this case is now ripe for appeal.

As Muad'Dib was denied the right to assemble a jury, this judge will now rule on whether the "crown" has jurisdiction to bring charges in this case.

That ruling is expected tomorrow morning.

If the judge rules in favour of Muad'Dib, the charges will be dropped.  If the judge rules against Muad'Dib, the trial will continue as to whether Muad'Dib "attempted to pervert the course of 'justice' contrary to common law" by striving to keep three innocent men from going to jail.


More to follow tomorrow...



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