08.03.11 Muad'Dib FINALLY granted bail

March 8th, 2011 -- London, England

Today, after a great deal of behind the scenes “mistakes” (read: manipulation) by the State’s various organs, Muad’Dib was finally brought to His own bail hearing, and bail was granted by the judge.

The conditions are strict, and unnecessary, with the State reserving the right to keep a very close watch on Muad’Dib.

Further submissions and clarifications will have to be made by Muad’Dib over the next two months prior to the start of His trial on May 9th, 2011.

More to follow in due course, but for now, a bit of good news to all Muad'Dib's supporters.

Thanks to everyone with an interest in this situation.

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Muad'Dib etc...

There is a overwhelming amount of injustice and crime done by our governments. There is so much of it that a regular person has no where to turn in order to change or at least ignore such a debacle. I almost wish we could somehow get all together and find a part of Earth to become our own, far away from the likes of Bush, Obama, Blair, Rumsfeld etc. I am sure that most of us will live in peace if we were not fed the lies and propaganda, every moment of every day and everywhere. I wish someone can come up with a solution that will free us of the Demon.

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If we know the true location

If we know the true location of the ark, then now should be the time to open the mound and reveal the ark, publish the contents and expose the corrupt system that still continues to lie to us. Time for change is now! How can we trust the British justice system? Is there any chance of a fair hearing? The corrupt system will want to keep control of their position, how do we know that the UK government won't just make JAH vanish for good, lets face it they have the capability. D
Moderator Edit/Comment: First the people have to return to keeping The Covenant and then The Ark can be recovered.

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Be safe

Congrats my friend....be careful many 'accidents' can and have happened

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I will wait until the time is

I will wait until the time is right and further instructions from the captain
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Great Great News for Muad'Dib

Great Great News for Muad'Dib and family and all friends!!! Glad he's out of jail. lots of work to be done to clear his name!




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Im so glad to hear that he is out!! Thank you Muad'Dib for standing up for us!! Lots of love sent from Jacksonville, North Carolina!!
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Well done Richard your principles in highlighting this injustice and (alone) faced with a moral dilemma that no others among mainstream dared go near. Your standing by Muad'Dib is to be commended.

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