Ransoming Muad'Dib from the British injustice system

March 9th, 2011 — London, England

It required spending over three months of constant effort to get Muad’Dib bailed out of a prison system that absolutely did not want to let Him go—but we’ve finally managed.

“One cannot go against the Word of God.” – Dune.

Since arrival in Britain, Muad’Dib has only been produced for two of His seven different crown court hearings, which obviously complicated things for Him, exactly as planned by the corrupt people behind His prosecution.

Eventually, those hoping to silence Muad’Dib could not hold Him in prison any longer without looking totally malicious and ridiculous.  So the State prosecution had to switch tactics, and end their fighting of a perfectly legitimate bail application, instead arguing for the most restrictive release possible so they could keep the closest watch possible on Muad’Dib whilst He was out on bail again.

After various “mistakes” by the court and prison services resulting in a number of no-shows at court, Muad’Dib was eventually produced in front of the presiding judge and granted bail.  To his credit, the judge that eventually granted bail has acted in a fair and respectful manner thus far.

However, that still didn’t mean the State was going to let Muad’Dib go without additional fighting.

After the judge granted bail, the following morning an attempt was made to pay the security/surety money in order to go ahead with the release.  When arriving at the administrative building to make this payment, it was discovered that someone had gone into the court’s computer system and completely deleted any sign of Muad’Dib from their electronic records.  After attempting every available search possible with the court clerk, there was nothing in their computer system showing that Muad’Dib even existed, never mind had actually been granted bail.

With everything else that had happened to Muad’Dib (and some of His friends) since arriving in Britain, it wasn’t much of a surprise to find the computer system had been tampered with.  Corruption is now the expected norm in Britain.

Anyone who has dealt with State administrative workers will know that their help is not always of high quality, but some time and a bit of detective work later, one of Muad’Dib’s friends tracked down a copy of the necessary paperwork in another courthouse miles away where the bail application had been approved.  Eventually, the required documents were produced in the location where they were actually needed, and the bail money had to be paid as cash, directly into the court’s bank account (have to wonder who has access to that money?).

With the ransom money paid, the court clerks stated that Muad’Dib would then be released from captivity within a few hours.  So at that point, a friend of Muad’Dib’s travelled to the prison and awaited His being set at liberty.

Upon arrival to the prison, the next level of insanity was met.

The judge had ordered in court that Muad’Dib’s passport be retained by the police, who had already stolen it from Him two years prior.  This was obviously done by the judge so that Muad’Dib could not leave the country while the legal case was still pending.  The judge’s actions are understandable, but it should be noted that not once has Muad’Dib ever missed a court date when He was on bail, whereas the prison and court services have now teamed up to achieve a rock-bottom 30% success-rate at getting Him to court when required.

However, as their last-ditch effort to keep hold of Muad’Dib, the prison administrators decided to make a big fuss over who actually held His passport.  Of course these people didn’t contact anyone themselves, in order to explain that they had an issue to resolve.  Nor did they do anything else themselves to actually settle the matter.  Presumably their plan was to just sit the file on the desk and claim days later that another “mistake” had occurred.

Thankfully the people involved had become well-accustomed to these non-stop “mistakes”.  So they knew to immediately investigate what was going on behind closed doors, as soon as they got to the prison.  That proactive attitude revealed as quickly as possible what was really happening (or not happening) and thus measures could be taken to rectify the situation.  Once, the State’s work was done for them, so they could not delay the process any longer than they’d done already, it was time to wait another two hours to see what happened next.

Finally, just before the “close of business”, terminology the prison itself uses (keep in mind that the prison is really a business), Muad’Dib was released with most of His possessions, and barely enough time to rush to his temporary residence, in order to be there before the court imposed 10pm nightly curfew.

This is quite clearly not a Justice system.

As bad as things are, it must also be stated and understood that there are many decent working class people employed within the court and prison systems.  It absolutely does not take every single person in the system to be “gotten to” for these gross injustices and corrupt manipulations to have an effect.  For instance, it only takes one evil person on a computer to delete Muad’Dib’s name from the system, for Him to be lost within the prison system, leaving everyone else to sort out the problem that creates.  Muad’Dib even predicted this is exactly what would be done to Him, including this in His submissions to the Irish Supreme Court.  Though, many people working within the prison and even a handful of those working at the courts were very friendly and respectful people just doing their jobs to the best of their ability.

But it must also be stated and understood, that there are certainly very evil people diligently at work behind the scenes to pull every dirty trick they can.  Through this, they do show their contempt for Muad’Dib, but more importantly they expose their fear of Him.

The trial is currently scheduled to begin May 9th in London, England.  If that date changes this site will be immediately updated to reflect that.

God bless.

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Well done everyone.......keep

Well done everyone.......keep me informed.....have a history with the Brirish System myself...absolutely corrupt.
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