Attending Muad'Dib's / John Anthony Hill's (JAH) Trial - Please do!

Muad’Dib’s / John Anthony Hill’s (JAH) trial has now concluded.



***Verdict: NOT Guilty.***


***Thank-you and God bless to everyone who showed their support and to the jury that did the right thing, even in the face of serious State corruption.***


The location of the court is:


Southwark Crown Court (London, England)

1 English Grounds,

City of London,

Greater London


Tel: (+44) 020 7522 7200


Starting that day, Muad’Dib will begin presenting an extensive compilation of evidence supporting His challenge that the “crown” has no jurisdiction to bring charges against Him (and by extension, many, many other people).


The potential ramifications of His trial make this the most far-reaching and important case in British history.  For this reason, the State/“crown” have already proven by their own actions thus far, that they plan to act corruptly/unlawfully, behind the scenes, doing anything they can possibly come up with to stop their crimes and corruption from being exposed.


However, they are now criminals on the defensive, and if many thousands of people are looking on, it will be much more difficult for the “crown” to corrupt proceedings, or pass off fabricated “evidence”, which is why it is so absolutely imperative that every freedom-loving man, woman, and child attend and show their loud support.


Either Truth, Justice, and Liberty prevail, because people are willing to stand up and FIGHT for it, or we all go quietly and miserably into the very dark night that is being planned for us.


We hope to see you there.  Our future is at stake.

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I was very glad to meet Muad' Dib for the first time at court, but sorry to miss his trial. For me the moral is that the powers that be can be beaten if we take courage and challenge them. Our enemies are despondency, fear, indifference and escapism. Well done John, Noel
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not guilty verdict

absolutely brilliant news,congratulations john.
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not guilty great news, another brick out of the wall.

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Oh dear , oh dear

Now where does this leave The State and its Media? and what WERE they thinking of bringing this trial and then SHOWING Ripple Effect to the jury !!!
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Could you imagine what noise would be about the case if he found guilty?

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There have been a few posts on forums on JAH. It's truly a despicable thing that has happened to say the least. I put one up myself asking the question where human rights organisations, such as Liberty and Reprieve were when it came to supporting JAH. Of course, they body swerved it completely, showing overwhelmingly they're part of the system JAH's video (and writings) warns us all of. Full post is here

Very glad of this verdict. It's something we can build on and use in conversation when people within the UK truly believe the state loves us and freedom of speech is respected.



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Any updates on Tuesday's proceedings?

Waiting with interest!

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Not Guilty

Just heard that John Hill was found not guilty by the jury at his trial yesterday. Congratulations to John and thanks to the jury for coming to the only just and fair result no doubt in the face of a lot of persuasion to the contrary by the powers that be.

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Muad'Dib Cleared of all charges :)

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in support of John Anthony Hill

John Anthony Hill is doing something that frankly needs to be done in every city on these islands.


No living human has authority to create Laws to govern and rule over other living men and women. We are equal before the Law - the Natural Law, God's Law. This is the birthright of every human living on the earth.


Yet we are living in a growing tangle of legislation, statutes, acts; and as children we are educated to stand under them. These are demonstrably unlawful and the evidence testifying to their unlawfulness absolutely must be presented in a court of record.



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The World is Waiting!

Eagerly awiting news of your success John! God be with you.

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