Attempted Security Service Entrapment


Targeted by men with badges who want to “help”

By Friends of Muad’Dib

May 04, 2011

(This is the initial long-version of the condensed article first published at:

The reality of how bad things have gotten over the last ten years doesn’t usually connect with people until they get some sort of personal jolt.  Those behind the “Establishment” are very careful not to interrupt the booze supply or electricity to power people’s TV sets and other gadgets, but everywhere else, things are rapidly deteriorating and the downward spiral is just slow enough that the vast majority of people, even within the “truth-movement”, cannot identify it happening from day to day.

But then that day comes for you.  When everything gets a little more real, a little more serious, and someone makes contact “out of nowhere”, claiming they want to “help” your cause.

To set the scene a little bit for reference …

Most/many people have now heard about the situation with 7/7 Truth-activist “Muad’Dib” (aka John Hill).  For those that haven’t, he made a film (“7/7 Ripple Effect”) completely exposing the events of that day for the false-flag that it was, and because the film is so credible, the NWO-people came after him.

First, a BBC hit-piece and character-assassination was done on Mr. Hill (“Muad’Dib”).  Then he was arrested at his home in Ireland during a raid where the police stole all his computers, hard-drives, DVD-burner(s), printer, research paperwork, and anything else they thought could possibly be used to continue spreading the Truth.  They of course took other things they found not even related to the 7/7 issue.  The information had already become uncontainable on the Internet, but they tried their best to silence him, though their efforts backfired, when arresting Muad’Dib created another frenzy of interest.  He was then eventually extradited to the UK as a “terrorist” after a lot of corruption in the Irish courts.

After his first arrest, friends of John Hill put-up a website at, where information about his legal-issues could be provided to anyone interested.  On that website there is an email address to contact those that maintain it.

Apparently the “police” found that email address. The word “police” is used loosely.

We’re really talking about NWO-supporting grunt-stooges with government provided ID badges, as described below.

NOT real Peace Officers.  Very few, if any, of those still exist.

So, these super-troopers, doing their best to stomp down any public opposition to their war-crimes and subsequent cover-ups, decided to try and identify, then entrap, the “Friends of Muad’Dib” who were doing their best to keep the 7/7 Ripple Effect film, and Muad’Dib’s other efforts, from being silenced whilst he was in prison.

Setting the Trap:

Out of nowhere, someone named “Darcia”, from no less than “The House of Darcia” (whatever that is), wrote a message to the contact email.  This person started slow and easy, like police are taught to do, attempting to sniff out who/what they were dealing with.

For brevity’s sake, all of every correspondence is not included in this article.  In fact, much of the contact made back and forth is not included because it is just too much to provide here.  The statements quoted are however taken directly from the conversation that occurred, and absolutely nothing has been changed, whatsoever.  All quotes are placed in chronological order to give the reader the best inside look possible at one example of the police and/or security services trying to entrap Law-abiding citizen-patriots.  Please remember that it’s going to get much worse and become much more prevalent, if people don’t start doing something proactive.  The following is shared in hopes of the “patriot” community better protecting themselves against these types of police-state tactics.

The initial contact made out of nowhere started like this:

“From: [email protected]


I have been asked to take an interest in your case by an associate, however I am not sure of how to aid you. I have looked into this matter, and you will find that the New Order of Ages had nothing to do with the imprisonment, at least not directly… Do not worry about encryption for this e-mail, the New Order would not dare read my messages. They fear me, for I have acted against them once before in history… If you wish for my aid I will see what I can do. I work for an older group than the New Order, I am what you might call the Old Order… My goal is not the same as yours, but I am not your enemy, nor am I a friend of the New Order.

~ Darcia”

Now, there are quite a few things wrong and disturbing about this.  First, the name “Darcia” is almost boring, since we all know these Satanists love their childish symbolism.  The name Darcy/Darcie means, “Dark one”, or “Of the dark”, and Darcia is just a derivative of that. Then there is the email address itself.  It’s like writing an email from [email protected], or [email protected].  Not believable.  The problem is if they write from a gmail account or something similar, they won’t look any more authentic.  Either way, they look stupid, as they should.  However, Satan and his NWO-grunts always overplay their hand out of arrogance, and they chose to use the ridiculous email address that they did.

So, the “dark ones” (i.e. establishment-agents of some form), working behind their silly pseudonym, start by making a vague offer to “help”, or in reality, begin fishing for information immediately.  “I am not sure how to aid you” is just bait thrown out to mine information.  Their effort to acquire information is constant throughout all the exchanges, because it is most likely the easiest thing of value they can get out of such attempts.  Beware of sly attempts to gather information!

Following that, they also made quick work of trying to confuse or otherwise spread disinformation, by claiming the NWO-people are not behind Muad’Dib/John Hill’s imprisonment.

Right… So the Irish police, MI6, “counter-terrorist” police, the BBC, various judges, the European court-system, and random other front groups, like the fake-opposition and government-run “J7 campaign”, ALL just happened to decide they don’t like Mr. Hill at the exact same time?  No one up at the top directing things?  Don’t buy it.

“Darcia” (the dark one) then moves on to a completely unprovoked statement that our correspondence would not be read by NWO-agents, basically saying “you can trust us with anything, say something juicy.”  Another predictable thing for the police to say.

The end of the message is then used to claim the high-ground in this conversation, written to use the alluring idea of working with an ancient and powerful group to fight the NWO.  Again, this must be seen as poorly thought out nonsense, but we are dealing with people who choose to make being NWO-grunts their career, believing the lies that they too are told every day, and apparently expecting everyone else to do the same.

Entrapment should always be of some concern for a freedom-fighter, and something fishy was smelt right away on this one, but the poorly thought out nature of this message from “Darcia” was kept to ourselves and the dialogue was slowly and very carefully pushed forward, bit by bit.  The hope from the very beginning was to end up with enough dialogue, and the clearest proof of entrapment possible, so that this article you are now reading could be made public in order to expose these people for the conniving rats they really are.  Basically, we wanted to reverse-entrap these people.  We also hope to show everyone as best as we can, a first hand look at what a dodgy police-state entrapment looks like, so that they don’t become victims in this struggle for Freedom.

In response to this message from “Darcia”, a relatively short and simple question was asked.

Our reply:

 “To better understand how it would be best to proceed, could you please clarify for me what your goal is?  And, if you are willing, what older group you are identified with, please?”

Some polite niceties were also added before and after this statement to appear oblivious about how shady and unbelievable Darcia’s first message was, but the same polite manner was relatively persistent throughout all the messages to keep the charade going.

To our reply, the police writing these emails obviously could not provide a straight, valid answer.  So, they basically ignored our inquiries completely, preferring instead to make a bunch of illogical, contradictory, and outright false statements—as liars tend to do.

Excerpts from “Darcia” then followed with this:

 “If a man is imprisoned for speaking his mind then it is too late to do anything.”

 “So let's assume for the moment that I can do anything you could wish for to help you. Can you tell me why I should?”

 “I am in a position to help, but there are many problems with using my position.”

Every single message from “Darcia” was written in an arrogant tone, designed to claim the stronger hand in the conversation, presumably to try and manipulate us from their illusionary position of stature.  This should not be expected to be the case in every entrapment attempt, but this is how it was for us and reflects the common attitude of the police’s “us and them” brainwashing.

Part of our reply to Darcia’s “test” was this:

 “you are making assumptions that are not necessarily accurate, and you are also wrongly asking us to do the same.”

Strategically placed, gentle verbal scolding was consistently used to keep “Darcia” wrestled down from their pretend high-horse.  We definitely played reasonably dumb, but also wanted to keep them on their toes, so they could not go stomping around as they pleased (although they still did this as much as possible).

Darcia (the “police”) then tried their best to dishearten or confuse us, saying whatever nonsense they could come up with to get us to stop working against them.  Things such as this:

“Unfortunately for you, however, your enemies would not be harmed by one man going free.”

“Nobody would 'wake up' or realize the problems in society. Each year hundreds of cases, much like your own, are formed. And each year many fail, and yes some succeed, but there is no lasting effect.”

“you must understand there is so much more at stake than this one man. Every single charity and event, such as yours, work for their own ends. They do not see outside of the box.”

Remember that this is from someone claiming to want to “help”.  They even get a bit desperate and insanely try convincing us to want Muad’Dib to be found guilty and remain imprisoned:

“Did you ever consider that if the courts find Muad'Dib guilty then more people will realize the lack of freedom of expression than if he is found innocent? After all; a man found not guilty is a victory, and a victory will never gain you support further to this point.”

“if he were to be locked up, those others would realize just how limited their so-called freedoms really are.”

R…i…g…h…t… With the controlled media not saying a word at all, surely we’d get lots of public sympathy…?  Of course their plan would be to lock Muad’Dib up, throw away the key, not say a word in the controlled-media, and the end result would be to have a brave and effective freedom-fighter out of the NWO’s way, to then go after the next one (you?).  Apparently they think we should agree with them that this is the best course of action… Well, we don’t.

Moving on, there were little parts within various exchanges, where it appears the police are working to awkwardly squeeze statements into the conversation, in order to comply with certain aspects of anti-entrapment legislation.  The police know these legislative requirements, and so, rather than get the message they shouldn’t entrap people, they still forge ahead, usually making sure they just barely stay in compliance with what the legislation requires.  So they said this:

“I could help you, yes, but I need to know that you have thought this through and understand the consequences of your actions.”

Basically, this is one of the many times where “Darcia” tries to get us to say, “Yes, we fully understand that we are walking into a trap. We have not been coerced, and we wish to proceed of our own free will.”  Our assent on this point is basically grounds for the entrapment to continue “legally” as we could then not claim ignorance or coercion.

As the linguistic jousting continues, even the way “Darcia” signs messages, gets more and more buddy-buddy as time goes on, trying to build a trusting relationship:

First it’s just a flat:

“~ Darcia”


“My regards,  Darcia”

To a much more heartwarming:

“With my deep respect,  Darcia”

Eventually, “the dark ones” were due for more scolding after putting forward so much nonsensical rhetoric:

From us:

“Your actions up to this point are not helpful.  You have not explained anything that wasn't already known.  Instead, you are trying to make other people prove they understand something, when you yourself have proved a consistent lack of understanding.  This is hypocritical among other things.”

Once this was done, we gave “Darcia” a test of our own, saying we must verify the legitimacy of their fantastic claims of power and influence.  So we wrote this:

“If you want to help, and are able to, then this is what is being asked of you.  If you really can do as you'd like, or have anything near the power you imply you are able to wield, on the first Monday of the Gregorian calendar's New Year (known as January 3rd, 2011), please put this headline on the front page of the printed Guardian newspaper:

"Queen Elizabeth fraudulently crowned on fake Coronation Stone" ”

As one might have guessed, “Darcia” dodged this test, same as they dodged everything else possible, while attempting to save as much face as they could with us consistently scolding them.  At one point, “Darcia” sent a special message attempting to specifically disinform us about treasonous Elizabeth and her horrendous “royal” family.  It didn’t work of course, but again, their making the extra effort to specifically disinform us on that subject above and beyond all else is telling of who these people are most likely working to protect.  Elizabeth’s inner-circle knows their power is tied to the illusion of her monarchy, so they obviously want to keep her in power, in order to stay in power themselves, even though they too know she’s a vulnerable fraud.

After telling us numerous times to prove ourselves to them (data mining), when Darcia’s wild claims were put to proof, the response was this (the “defend with a strong attack” tactic):

“You mistakenly believe that I have something to prove. I know it is true, I do not care what you think, why would I? Unless you are of use to me I have little to prove.”

Again, don’t forget that is from someone who contacted us to “help”.  And more:

“No. You question too much. You know too little. You believe in the enemy faith, and thus you are yourselves indoctrinated.”

“You will have little luck in this endeavour as long as you carry on the path you are heading… you are an enemy of humanity.”

No surprise.  Dodgy “police” using corrupt totalitarian tactics don’t like to be forced to prove they’re genuine.  More importantly, please also note the word “endeavour”.  It is spelled with the British “our” ending (“endeavour”), when people on the other side of the Atlantic, in North (and South) America do not normally use the “u” and spell the word as just: “endeavor”.

This is mentioned because, and this is no joke, “Darcia” was claiming to be head of an “Old World” South American family, and they even took five minutes to setup a Facebook account to kind-of back these claims.  But while using this cover-story, “Darcia” says and spells words like the British, and, even though everything can be spoofed online, all the messages coming from “Darcia” were visibly originating right back in London, England where Muad’Dib’s enemies and captors live luxuriously.

Surprise, surprise…

We know full well that the British have had influence all over the world, leaving signs of their culture everywhere they’ve been.  However, we are not foolish enough to believe that some 100,000 year old South American dynasty is writing us, with messages coming from London, using British spelling, trying to entrap patriots that the British government doesn’t like.  We do not willfully partake in fantasy, and this all smacks of someone’s vivid but unrealistic imagination and a lot of mal-intent.

Moving on, at this point we re-warmed the situation with “Darcia” a little, then asked for either financial assistance or to help find a good legal defense team.  As expected, “Darcia” completely refused to offer any financial assistance (even though we were supposed to believe this person was from a wealthy dynasty), but also as expected, they were quite willing to help us acquire legal “aid”.  Obviously the British police writing behind the name “Darcia” saw this as an opportunity to embed one of their saboteur “lawyers”, but we didn’t pursue this for reasons that should be completely clear.  Needing “legal aid” was only offered up as an idea, along side the idea of financial assistance, to further prove who “Darcia” really was and how they were willing to “help”.  They are from a powerful and wealthy South American dynasty, but won’t supply money.  However, they happen to know lawyers in London and are keen to embed one as an informant saboteur.  Judge a tree by its “fruit”.

So, these police officers may have side-stepped our previous test, but then fell right into another trap placed beside it, making ever-clearer what their intentions really were.

After quite a few messages back and forth over an extended period of time, “Darcia” began to get impatient and forceful.  The police were gaining nothing of value to them besides a lecture on general decency and sound fiscal policy.  We certainly played along with their games, but we never threw any actual morsels to these pit-puppies.

Thus, “Darcia” cuts to the chase, apparently thinking its time to see if their efforts had paid off, and so they finally made the move expected from first contact and planted the seed of a “meeting” as delicately as they could manage:

“I am afraid our constitution would not allow me to throw away treasury money for a foreign national. On the other hand, legal aid I could be able to arrange. I will need to speak with my contacts in your country. I may also need to have one of my officers meet with you. Would that be a problem?”

Note Darcia’s further suggestion that helping with “legal aid” could perhaps be arranged, even though we had very diligently pushed the financial assistance avenue, and only briefly mentioned the legal aid.  Also, the use of the specific word “officers” stands out pretty glaring, and once again is probably the result of having to comply with certain legislation preventing entrapment.  Don’t know for sure, but with a hundred different ways they could have said what they did, the word choice of “officers” seems awkward, but telling.

To this, “Darcia” was sent a purposefully timid response to their suggestion of a meeting.  We had to play timid to be believable, but without sounding scared off by it.  When replying to our message that a meeting “might” be okay, “Darcia” then stated this, much more boldly:

“You ask for truth; a meeting can provide that. My officers have identification documents and uniforms so that you will know we are real. They can also work directly to investigate this case themselves, and give you more information. Where, when, how, that is up to you. I can not make any promises, but I can see if my government thinks aiding you would be a good idea… Do you have a contact number one of my staff can contact you on if they need to?”

Not a single word from that has been changed or edited whatsoever.  Pretty blatant right?  “Darcia” is basically saying, “Nothing wrong and nothing to worry about.  Just good things, and on your terms, IF you expose yourselves to our officers …”

Have to wonder at this point how some people can be so willfully evil, trying this hard to entrap a group fighting for an innocent man’s freedom and a better world for the masses.

Please consider this part of the last exchange with “Darcia”:

“My officers have identification documents and uniforms so that you will know we are real.”

That just leaves an eerie feeling.  “Darcia” (or “the dark one”) states blatantly (and arrogantly) that officers are going to show up with IDs and in uniform, so that we will KNOW they are real.

The only thing we know is real about the “House of Darcia”, is that police and security-services employ bullies, thugs, and fools, who do the best they can at constructing a cage that THEY TOO will eventually be thrown into, along with their own families and the rest of us.  These people believe in the delusions of grandeur and safety, fed to them by their zillionaire conmen employers.  The sad thing is, they don’t realize that the conmen they are protecting, wait patiently for the time when they (the Oligarchs) will cast them (their own grunts – the police), into the pit, the very moment their usefulness expires.  Don’t forget, the police get brainwashed and lied to just as much as everyone else, so they need waking up too.

The part about “Darcia” seeking a telephone contact number is obvious data-mining as well.  The police can easily use cell-company data to physically track people, as well as the obvious of figuring out who you’ve been calling of course, and then track them too.  NEVER give out telephone numbers.

Finally, when it was getting time for Muad’Dib to be released on bail (which was a whole other corrupt saga), “Darcia” went well out of their way, to make a COMPLETELY illegal-for-the-police-or-anyone-else-to-do offer of “helping” Muad’Dib flee the country (which he absolutely never wanted to do) in hopes of him accepting, where he would then of course be immediately re-arrested and charged with other offenses:

From “Darcia”:

“If it is any consolation, I may be able to offer yourself, Muad'Dib, and your staff a place to live should you wish to leave England. Should he reach bail and you be left with no other option other than to escape, I would allow this and not see it as a dishonor. Running from a lawful arrest is dishonorable, but to run from corruption is not.  If you wish to stay and fight, however, this will become most difficult.”

Ladies and gentleman, this statement makes it an official and COMPLETELY corrupt, illegal, unlawful, and immoral police-state entrapment attempt…

These messages are being shared with the Truth-movement so that everyone remembers to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.  If it sounds too good to be True, then it probably is.  Better safe than sorry.  This is also shared in hopes of embarrassing foolish and corrupt police-state tactics, so that they STOP being extremely evil by attempting to entrap innocent people for doing nothing wrong.

Please show your support for Muad’Dib during his trial beginning May 9th at London’s Southwark Crown Court, where he’ll be exposing Elizabeth and the wider British establishment for what they are—CORRUPT.

The more people there or watching in on the situation, the harder it will be for the establishment agents to lie and cheat.

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