The (7/7) Ripple Effect Story

May 14, 2011 -- London, England

Now that Muad’Dib/John Hill has been found not guilty, the full story to this point of His malicious and politically motivated prosecution can be told…

Three years ago, Muad’Dib mailed some DVDs containing his ‘7/7 Ripple Effect’ film to a courthouse near London, where three scapegoats were being prosecuted in hopes of lending credibility to the government’s “official” 7/7 story.  These DVDs were sent by Muad’Dib because he wanted to keep innocent men from receiving very lengthy prison sentences.  ALL the rest of us who knew about that situation should be ashamed for not having done exactly what Muad’Dib did.

As a result of his good-will, Muad’Dib’s home was raided by police and he was arrested on a charge of "attempting to pervert the course of justice".  In the Orwellian 21st century, he was really just being attacked by a malicious and out of control police-state for getting in the way of their mass-murderous crimes (7/7 was an event of mass-murder).  The charge against Muad’Dib originated out of the filthy-corrupt Westminster (political) court in London, right next to where the globalist banking syndicate is headquartered.

Muad’Dib then spent over a year and a half fighting extradition to England where he knew it was going to be one corrupt event after another.  The very short story is that Muad'Dib's court-appointed lawyer in Ireland flatly refused to do as instructed and sabotaged any successful defense.  Since the other Irish judges were all quite corrupt too, never applying Law, or even the relevant legislation, Muad’Dib’s fight against extradition was eventually denied by the Irish Supreme Court in front of 40 supporters and he was re-imprisoned, then taken to the UK by "counter terrorist" police in November of 2010.

Once there, the more obvious corruption started, as Muad'Dib was at that point held firmly in the clutches of a filthy corrupt British Establishment (including police, courts, and media).

Firstly, Muad’Dib was deleted from the prison’s computer system, with them originally saying that Muad’Dib wasn’t even at their prison and they didn’t know where he was (lies).  About that same time, a police officer(?) working to prosecute Muad’Dib stated openly that many other people sent DVDs to the same courthouse as Muad’Dib, but no one else was even investigated, never-mind charged.  This was an open admission of a malicious and politically motivated prosecution/persecution.

Eventually the prison system was forced to admit they had Muad’Dib in custody, and a bail application was made, in front of yet another corrupt judge, who had the courtroom closed to the public before denying bail with the official reason that the judge(?) “didn’t want more DVDs to be sent out”.  Sending out DVDs is, obviously, not actually a crime.  Muad’Dib then spent approximately four months straight, incarcerated, teaching and waking up a sizeable portion of the prison staff and inmates who ALL knew that he did not in any way belong in prison.

In early March of 2011, bail was finally granted by the only judge throughout this entire process that actually seemed like a reasonably honest man.  However, this process was still made very difficult by the fact that the prison service kept making “mistakes” or “forgetting” to bring Muad’Dib to his own court hearings.  In all, Muad’Dib was only produced for two of seven different court hearings whilst in (police-)state custody.

After being granted bail, one of Muad’Dib’s supporters went to go pay the ransom money, only to find out that, once again, any reference to Muad'Dib had been deleted from the court's computer systems.  This of course complicated things, but eventually the sabotaged system was worked around, the ransom money was paid, and after a bit of haggling with the prison, Muad’Dib was released with barely enough time to travel to his bail address before his court-imposed 10pm nightly curfew.  At that point Muad’Dib began refining his defense and legal challenges.

His first action was to challenge the jurisdiction of the court, by proving, with a wealth of evidence, that “queen” Elizabeth is not the rightful monarch, and never was.

This was a two-point argument.  First, that Elizabeth knew—both then and now—that she was crowned on a fake coronation stone instead of the real Stone of Destiny/Coronation Stone, which meant not only was she never properly crowned, but she was also knowingly and fraudulently conning the public, and that is why she didn't want her coronation televised.

The second and absolutely irrefutable part of the arguement, is that Elizabeth had broken her legally binding coronation oath, which is a valid contract she made with the British people allowing her to be their queen.  Although more proof exists and was to be used in court, the skeleton legal argument summarizing this jurisdictional challenge can be found online at: REGINA v JAH.

At the end of March 2011, Muad’Dib submitted the basics of this challenge to the court, alongside applications to subpoena “queen” Elizabeth to testify, and also for production of the Sovereign’s Coronation Bible, which Elizabeth had used when swearing her legally binding oath.  Elizabeth also signed a written version of the contract, and a high-quality picture of the original can be seen here: Signed Coronation Contract.

Unsurprisingly, nothing at all was heard back from the court, unlike what would normally happen.  So, on the final working day before his May 9th trial, Muad’Dib visited the court clerk’s office, and asked them what the situation was.  At that point, he was finally notified that his subpoena applications had been denied (by an extremely dirty judge), but that the court had, once again, “mistakenly” mailed that information to the wrong address.

After having been harassed, monitored, restricted, and imprisoned for long periods of time by a completely rotten “judicial system”, May 9th 2011 finally came, and with it, as one would guess, more corruption.

The judge, hand-picked by the Establishment to handle Muad’Dib’s case, was clearly unhappy to have been forced into what he surely saw as a difficult predicament for him.  He had a totally innocent man (Muad’Dib) in front of him, and a courtroom full of witnesses which were going to make it very hard for this judge to carry out the orders he’d been given by his evil puppet-masters, which was to make absolutely sure a guilty verdict was returned against Muad’Dib.

First, the judge flatly refused to hear Muad’Dib’s application to subpoena Elizabeth and the Coronation Bible.  With that brushed aside, he then read Muad’Dib’s jurisdictional challenge, or at least said he did, which, as above, had/has two points: a) the fake stone used, and b) the broken coronation contract.

After giving Muad’Dib a few minutes to make his case, the judge adjourned the court for the rest of the day.  The following morning he came back and said he was denying Muad’Dib’s challenge, ONLY on the grounds that it “didn’t matter” if a fake coronation stone was used.  The judge very slyly attempted to ignore a huge amount of Muad’Dib’s challenge, saying absolutely nothing whatsoever about Elizabeth having broken her legally binding contract with the British people.  The judge had to ignore and bypass that part of the challenge, because, even by their own silly “rules” and legislation, that part of the challenge is still absolutely water-tight and irrefutable, being very simple contract Law.

The fact that the judge refused to even mention that crucial part of Muad’Dib’s challenge offers a great deal of proof that it cannot be argued against in court, therefore, everyone should be studying the information and using it themselves in any British (or Commonwealth) courtroom possible.  If you’ve not broken a Biblical Law, then you cannot be prosecuted for anything by Elizabeth or her agents acting on her behalf.

With Muad’Dib’s challenge officially denied (ran roughshod over as he predicted), the jury was then sworn in, and the prosecution began spewing out a bunch of pointless hot air.  Basically, the prosecutor (who was an arrogant, rotten little girl with no moral decency whatsoever--which is why she was picked for the job) had absolutely no legitimate case to argue on behalf of those evil Establishment figures controlling her, and they ALL knew it.  So, she just talked around in circles for the better part of a, day, while some members of the public and jury struggled to stay awake.

Once that had finished, Muad’Dib’s only defense was getting up on the witness-stand and explaining to the jury that he sent the DVDs to the courthouse because innocent men were being maliciously prosecuted, just like he now was, and that he could not sit back and watch people go to prison for something they didn’t do.  It really was that simple, so, Muad’Dib then used the opportunity to also enlighten everyone in the courtroom about other subjects like the false-flag 911.  Upon cross-examination, the aforementioned rotten little girl prosecuting wasted everyone’s time by connivingly trying to get Muad’Dib to say he’d done something wrong.  That obviously didn’t work and she ended up hurting her own case even more, deciding she’d better sit down and be quiet when Muad’Dib scolded her for wasting everyone’s time speaking nonsense and trying to argue that black is white, and white is black.  Red in the face and embarassed, she sat down.

After this, both sides summed up their cases.  The prosecution slandered Muad’Dib and the defense team basically said this whole thing was horribly ridiculous.

Then it was the corrupt (and probably free-masonic) judge’s turn to have the last word.  This horror in a black dress went on to do everything he could possibly come up with to try and manipulate the jury into giving a guilty verdict.  This judge re-defined the words in the charge, stated Muad’Dib said things that he never said, then outright lied to the jury by stating it was not up to him which evidence they heard, when he had already forbid various (important) pieces of evidence from being shown to the jury (thereby making direct decisions about the evidence being heard).  He did basically everything he could to have Muad’Dib found guilty, just short of openly telling the jury that they must convict.  Had the public gallery not been full and over-flowing, he probably would have done just that.

The jury then went back to deliberate and about 2 and a half hours later came back saying they couldn’t reach a unanimous decision (possibly a plant in the jury).  The judge probably thought the odds were in favor of a conviction, so he then allowed a majority verdict (no less than 10 to 2 either way), and the jury went out again, before coming back an hour later saying they’d made a decision.

The jury forewoman that gave their verdict came in the room beaming with a wonderful smile, and a few other jury members were definitely grinning.  A NOT GUILTY verdict was then given and the jury left the room a final time to the applause and gratitude of the public gallery.

The judge then quickly left the courtroom quite visibly upset (knowing he was probably in trouble for failing to get this conviction on behalf of his masters) and the prosecutor waddled away back to whatever crypt she’d crawled out of.  The police officer visibly heading-up Muad’Dib’s prosecution actually had the decency to say he was sorry—which was nice, all things considered.  However only days later proved he really is a dirty cop and a two-faced establishment shill.

Muad’Dib is once again at complete liberty after having proven that doing the right thing always pays off in the end—IF you don’t lose strength.

As for the rest of us?  We can all look forward to a second-edition of the ‘7/7 Ripple Effect’ coming out soon. :-)

Yes, case closed… But a new beginning of sorts is upon us.  Keep checking back for updates.  This is just a battle won, but this war for Truth, Justice, and Liberty is not over yet.


-The Friends of Muad'Dib

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This case and it's

This case and it's controversy has become a bit of a legend amongst certain law debating circles. Just wanted to say a big thank you for everyone who has supported the case. The jury without a doubt did the right thing, and state corruption was a serious and high stake here!

Best regards
Christophe Morneau

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