Wikileaks frenzy used to cover-up critical news story

London, England Dec 10, 2010:-

The million-dollar question that I think must be asked today is this: Why the Wikileaks controlled-media frenzy?

Julian Assange and his Wikileaks website are the main subject of a mainstream media blitz right now and it should be clear to everyone at this point that mainstream media only covers nonsense and side-shows, while keeping totally mum about things that should be headlines.  So, simple logic would say that Wikileaks is being used by the Hidden Hand to accomplish something(s), in an effort to advance or protect some part of their agenda.  If the Wikileaks disclosures were actually doing any damage to the NWO agenda, no one would be hearing a peep from the media.  All this is easy to understand and probably everyone has gotten at least this far with their analysis of the situation.

Through extensive research, this author now believes that the following is the REAL reason for the Wikileaks frenzy, or at least a solid part of it:-

Right now Julian Assange is in London’s Wandsworth Prison.  So what?  But do you know who else is in that exact same prison?

Also at Wandsworth in London is John Hill (aka Muad’Dib), the man who produced the “7/7 Ripple Effect” film, which completely broke-down, and thus exposed that “terrorist attack” as the false-flag it obviously was.  John’s main website is, which has been successfully exposing the British royals and other topics for years.  He’s also been telling people through his offshoot website at how to use the truth about QE2 (she’s not the real, rightful queen of Britain—oh you didn’t know?  But are you really that surprised to find out?), to get the authorities to drop charges on any/all victimless “crime”.

 As the result of Mr. Hill’s decades of anti-NWO actions and personal, original, and in-depth research, he’s been monitored and outright harassed by police for a long time.  He’s also been robbed by them, as they stole all his computer equipment and even his printer in an attempt to stop him from revealing things that the crown doesn’t want people to know about.  And now, he’s imprisoned for the crime of telling the Truth.  The BBC even sent someone to sit outside his home for almost a week, sitting there waiting to ambush him with a camera in order to obtain footage for the attempted character-assassination they perpetrated on him through their “Conspiracy Files” disinformation TV program.  John is such a benevolent soul that their attempted character-assassination really turned into a great advertisement for his film.

Basically… after all of the above, we can be certain that he is NOT one of “them”.  There is not a shred of evidence to support that.  On the other hand, several of Julian Assange’s own former Wikileaks associates are speaking out about Julian helping to cover-up evidence regarding how the US and Britain lied to get into the middle-eastern wars in the first place.  Mr. Assange would also prefer that people don’t find out about his deals with Israeli figures like Benjamin Netanyahu. Assange also has plenty of access to the media, many think too much access, and through the above, it becomes clear that he is either working for Establishment willingly, or as a dupe.

John Hill‘s battle with the fraudulent “crown” shows a totally different situation.  He has been monitored by the secret services, robbed, imprisoned, placed under a court-enforced gag-order, extradited, and is now in London being prosecuted by the “counter-terrorism” police, ALL while being completely blacklisted from access to the mainstream media reporting.  The only time the mainstream media reports on John is when they are slandering him, but they are obviously so concerned about his message getting out right now that they are not even attempting that.  Only silence.

So, the Illuminazis have put these two clearly dissimilar people both in the EXACT SAME PRISON.  One of them (Julian Assange) is just the latest media-created celebrity, who, in reality, no one should really care about and no one would if he wasn’t working for the NWO-agenda.  The other (John Hill) is a man that many believe has found a way to legitimately re-take Britain back from the Bankster-Elite, in a non-violent way, through his unparalleled research on the “queen” and the true history of the British people.  This is why the media is completely silent right now.  Because they know that if enough people learned about what John is striving to show people, and got behind the effort to push the “queen” out of power, it would mean big trouble for the Establishment.  Re-taking Britain would obviously provide the catalyst to start putting an end to the NWO’s plans throughout the world.

In John’s film, “7/7 Ripple Effect”, he reported that the people truly behind the 7/7 bombings in London have such sick and arrogant minds, that on the side of the double-decker bus that exploded, they arranged to have a large sign/billboard saying: “OUTRIGHT TERROR…  BOLD AND BRILLIANT.”

Picture shown here:

You see?  They even gave themselves 4 stars.  One for each explosion that day.

These people put signs and symbols everywhere because they are extremely arrogant and love shoving what they are doing right in front of people’s faces, knowing that most can’t “see” it.  But John Hill called them out on this one.

It is this writer’s point of view that these rotten, but powerful people have first imprisoned John Hill for telling the public things that are actually harmful to the NWO agenda.  Then, due to their extreme arrogance and evil minds, they wanted to gloat in front of John at this point, while showing off their “power” and “control”.

So, what does the Synagogue of Satan and their controlled government and media assets do?

Even though it is quite a sizeable world, these sick people organize things so that both aforementioned men are in the exact same place, at the exact same time.  They then turn what seems like every camera on planet Earth towards the unimportant person, making him the most talked about man in the world right now, while at the same time they do not report a single syllable about the extremely important facts surrounding John Hill’s research and court case—even though John is right there in the same spot.

So, inline with the billboard on the bus mentioned above, that John himself had been exposing to people through his documentary, the Illuminazis are in this way putting their same old egotistical trademarks on what is presently happening.  They’ve organized things so that throngs of global media are reporting on someone totally propped up and unimportant (Assange), while he stands right next to John, whose selfless cause and research gets absolutely no publicity at all.  Through this, they are basically giving John the metaphorical finger—and it shows how badly they hate (and fear?) John, that they’d go to such an extraordinary effort as to pull a stunt like this.  Seeing as how they are doing just that, it should be an obvious sign to anyone that doesn’t yet know about the decades of research that John Hill (JAH) has compiled on his website linked above.

John’s film, “7/7 Ripple Effect”, is the product of a brilliant mind having put together bit by bit how a false-flag attack is perpetrated.  This author could never have made such a masterpiece.  However, I hope through this article that I’ve done what I’m able to for people’s ability to understand this Wikileaks frenzy and distraction, by putting together bit by bit what isn’t being told to people and how the NWO’s arrogance and symbolism are at play in what’s going on.  Please don’t be stupid enough to believe all this is just some “coincidence”.  Everyone should know better than that by now.

Right now, the international media, on behalf of their satanic masters (“the prince of the power of the air[-waves]” – Ephesians 2:2), are attempting to thumb their noses at the person they see as the biggest immediate threat to them on planet earth.

They are flexing their muscles, acting all big and bad (or “Bold and Brilliant”), so PLEASE help turn this situation around on the media-controllers.  Their actions are exceedingly arrogant and evil, so stick it to them and trip them up on this.  Now that everyone knows what the central issue is with this Wikileaks nonsense, use the situation to publicize John/JAH’s case to the maximum. PLEASE.  Don’t let this proceed under the radar—for YOUR sake and mine.  The British royal family is in a very vulnerable spot right now and we MUST hit them now more than ever.

Lets thumb our noses at THEM for a change.  Show them we’re not as stupid as they think and we can “see” what they’re doing.

God bless you, John.  From all of us.

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Still Learning

 Thank you John.   The dvd that I bought of The King of King's Bible still works.  This time on this new computer I could not get the "word  search" to work.  Found the Bible you put on the net and now the "word search" is working.

Thank you.  Real peace is learning real truth and sending it to others.  


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